Electronics whiz Barney Collier and a psychic (Ariana Domi) help Rollin Hand try to prevent a female scientist (Dr. Martha Zubrovnik) from going to work behind the Iron Curtain. They do it by conjuring up the ghost of her dead husband.



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Mission Briefing Edit

Dan Briggs steps off an elevator and goes inside a doctor's office at a hospital. He opens up the safe inside is the envelope with photos of the mission targets and a record containing the mission briefing. Dan places the record inside of the intercom and plays the mission briefing.

Good morning, Mr. Briggs. You remember Dr. Martha Richards. Two years ago while on vacation in Austria, she met and married Dr. Kurt Zubrovnik. She never returned to America, continuing her extremely important research work with her husband in Austria. About a year ago Kurt Zubrovnik was burned to death in a laboratory fire in their home. Martha went on working after her husband's death, but recently stopped sending us the results of her experiments. We have reason to believe it because this man, Sigismund Poljac, is pressuring her to work behind the Iron Curtain. If it were an ordinary pressure, we could fight it but Poljac is a medium and Martha Zubrovnik is being asked to defect by the ghost of her dead husband. Mr. Briggs, your mission, should you decide to accept it, would be to keep her from going behind the Iron Curtain and get her working for us again. As always should you or any member of your IMF Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Please dispose of this recording in the usual manner.

Dan places the record in the sink and pours acid on top of it and as usual the recording self-destructs as always happens if any item given to an agent on Mission Impossible.

Mission Targets Edit

  • Dr. Martha Zubrovnik an American doctor of Austrian descent trying to defect to the West.

Enemies Edit

  • Sigismond Poljac a quack median trying to force Martha to defect to the Russians.
  • Kroger a KGB agent working with Poljac to get Martha to defect to the Russians.