Zhen Lei
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Name: Zhen Lei
Status: Alive
Role: Ally
Alias(es): Onia Demea
Affiliation: IMF
Profession: Agent of the IMF
Rank: Agent
Played by: Maggie Q
First appearance: Mission: Impossible III
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible III

Zhen Lei was an IMF agent. She was part of Ethan Hunt's Team in 2006.

Mission:Impossible III Edit

Zhen Lei assisted Ethan Hunt in his mission to rescue his protégé, Lindsey Farris, together with Declan Gormley. As Ethan and Lindsey battled in the factory, Zhen ran around to make sure nothing went wrong. They then sat in the truck to Declan's helicopter, where Ethan tried to get the explosive charge out of Lindsey's head. However, they failed and Lindsey was killed.

Zhen later accompanied Ethan to the Vatican City within Rome to bag Owen Davian, the arms dealer. Zhen helped Ethan by accidentally spilling her drink onto Owen, then apologizing profusely. Owen smiled and told her it was alright, then went to the toilet where he was ambushed by Hunt himself. Later, they would go back to their underground tunnel. Ethan would blow up their 'very nice car' and they would go back to the base.

It is unclear where Zhen went after that since the remainder of the film is about Hunt getting Julia, his wife, back.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Zhen was portrayed by actress Maggie Q.

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