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  • Kate.moon

    Many Mission: Impossible fans are skeptical of the return of the franchise with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, but there's no denying that the trailers look awesome!

    Check out the new gallery and clips from Ghost Protocol below. It already looks way better than Mission: Impossible III, no?

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  • Kate.moon

    Do you dream of being just like Ethan Hunt and his team of super spies when you watch Mission: Impossible? Here's your next best chance: play Mission: Impossible!

    Paramount Pictures and Funtactix have teamed up together to create the official Facebook game for the upcoming Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

    Mission: Impossible The Game casts players in the leading role of an underground secret agent who must assemble a team of covert agents, unlock state-of-the-art gadgets and equipment and collect classified intel through secret rendezvous in order to build an outfit ready to complete elaborate operations in exotic locales around the world. Featuring eight exciting stories, over 200 missions and set in 50 global locations, Mission: Impos…

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  • Kate.moon

    Check out the first official promotional poster for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol!

    Featuring a close-up of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt with an overlay of codes, the poster takes itself VERY seriously. The fourth Mission: Impossible will hit theaters on December 21.

    Are you excited for a new Mission: Impossible?


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  • Kate.moon

    Check out this new picture of Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol featuring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt for his fourth time in the Mission Impossible franchise.

    According to director Brad Bird of Pixar fame, the shot features Ethan Hunt walking away as the Kremlin explodes behind him.

    Read an exclusive interview, courtesy of Yahoo Movies with Brad Bird on why he chose to direct his first live-action movie; how he feels about the other famous directors's visions, and how he felt asking Tom Cruise to dangle from one of the tallest buildings in the world.

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