Name: Ulrich
Status: Deceased
Role: Henchman
Date of death: 2000
Place of death: Sydney, Australia
Affiliation: Sean Ambrose
Profession: Sean Ambrose's henchman
Played by: Dominic Purcell
First appearance: Mission: Impossible II
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible II

Ulrich is a loyal henchman of Sean Ambrose.

Mission: Impossible II Edit

Ulrich is one of Ambrose's men who was on board the flight transporting the infected Dr. Nekhorvich to Atlanta. He espaces the plane with Hugh Stamp, Wallis and Ambrose.

Ulrich is also present when Nyah injects the Chimera.

After the death of Stamp, Ulrich involved in the chase where he tries to kill Ethan Hunt. It will also killed with Wallis and another henchman by a truck struck his car, causing it to explode.

Personality Edit

Ulrich, alongside Wallis, was very loyal to Sean Ambrose.

Equipment Edit

  • Steyr GB: Ulrich's signature sidearm throughout the film.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Ulrich was played by actor Dominic Purcell in Mission: Impossible II.

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