Title Trial by Fury
Series Mission: Impossible
(First Series)
Season 2
Episode 24
Airdate March 10, 1968
Written by Sy Salkowitz
Directed by Leonard J. Horn
Guests Michael Tolan
Victor French
Sid Haig
Paul Winfield
Joseph Bernard
Edmund Hashim
Previous episode The Phoenix
Next episode Recovery
Episode list Season 2

Jim Phelps and Barney Collier go undercover at a South American prison camp. They need to take suspicion off a prisoner helping a freedom fighter, and then draw out the real informer.



Guest StarringEdit


The prop Gun Phelps has is a 1882 model .32 Palm gun-you think that Secret Agents of the 1960's had up to date firearms! The prop gun used by Rollin Hand is a Astra 400; the prop guns used by the guards are M1 garands-and the machine gun prop is a Danish Madsen SMG!

Ironically in movie "Stalag XVII" Peter graves stars as a phoney POW who is exposed as a german spy and ends up being killed by the Germans! For this episode the crew used Stalag XIII, outdoor set of "Hogan's Heroes."

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