Title The Trial
Series Mission: Impossible
(First Series)
Season 1
Episode 18
Airdate January 28, 1967
Written by Laurence Heath
Directed by Lewis Allen
Guests Martin Landau
Carroll O'Connor
David Opatoshu
Michael Strong
Gail Kobe
Previous episode The Frame
Next episode The Diamond
Episode list Season 1

The most dangerous man in Eastern Europe (Josef Varsh) plans to solidify his power by bringing to trial an innocent American - the IMF's Dan Briggs.



Guest StarringEdit


  • Carroll O'Conner was a very versitable actor -in the 1970's he became is best known as northern working class slob Archie Bunker in "All In the Family" and "Archie Bunker Place" and in the 1980's as Southern  Police Chief Gillispe in "The Heat of the NIght".

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