Season 4 # 7  "Submarine" November 16, 1969


The IMF team must convince a former SS  Officer to reveal the  location of stolen funds


Kurt Stelman a former-but still fanitical-SS officer is three days from being released after serving 25 years for war crimes from a Eastern European country. He plans to revive the nazi movement with stolen Nazi funds in a Swiss bank account which number only he knows-during which he has refused to tell the number to the Secret Police during his entire inprisiment-including the Prison commandant Colonel Sarder. The IMF kidnapp Stelman and make he think he is on board a submarine which is being attacked by a patrol boat {actually only a stage prop makeup of a sub control room}. Panicingly at the last moment, thinking he is being abandoned, Stelman blurts out the account number. The IMF team race away to retrive the account; Stelman finds himself alone in the stage just as Secret Police find him there. Still thinking that the submarine setting was a Secret Police trick, Stelman congraualtes the Secret Police officers for making him reveal the account number-the Officers are so astonished the scene fades out with their sardonic laugther!

Guest VilliansEdit

  • Stephen McNally as Kurt Stelman
  • Ramon Bieri as Colonel Sandor


  • Stephen McNally is best known as the villianous killer Dutch Henry Brown in the fantasy Western classic "Winchester 73"  {1950}
  • Ramon Bieri co starred with Arthur Hill  {Mission Impossible "Carriers" } in the 1971 movie "The Andromedia Strain"
  • The fantasy aspect on "Mission Impossible" is particualy when Paris -posing as a SS member- and Stelman show "Deaths Head" tatoos" on their arms. In fact the only tatoos the SS had were their Blood grouping for medical purposes!

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