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Title The Short Tail Spy
Series Mission: Impossible
(First Series)
Season 1
Episode 14
Airdate December 17, 1966
Written by Julian Barry
Directed by Leonard J. Horn
Guests Albert Dekker
Hans Gudegast
Joe Sirola
Edward Colmans
Previous episode Elena
Next episode The Legacy
Episode list Season 1

Cinnamon Carter needs to discredit an enemy's chief hitman (Andrei Fetyakov). But could she be falling for the attractive assassin she's been assigned to bring down?



Guest StarringEdit


  • Hans Gudegast is better known under his stage name Eric Braeden-who is best know for playing the part of Captain Hans Dietrich on "The Rat Patrol" and has  appeared for 24 years on the Soap Opera "The YOung and the Restless"

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