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Title The Ransom
Series Mission: Impossible
(First Series)
Season 1
Episode 8
Airdate November 5, 1966
Written by William Read Woodfield
Allan Balter
Directed by Harry Harris
Guests Martin Landau
Lin McCarthy
William Smithers
Joe Mantell
Previous episode Wheels
Next episode A Spool There Was
Episode list Season 1

A teenage girl is being held hostage in order to blackmail Dan Briggs into kidnapping a key witness in the trial of a mobster (Frank Egan).



Guest StarringEdit

Mission Briefing Edit

Dan Briggs is playing Russian pool at his house when Frank Egan and his gang of mobsters come in and give him the mission briefing.

Dan and the IMF have 24 hours to arrest Augie Gorman and get him to testify on the witness stand or Frank kills Sandy Forrester.

Enemies Edit

  • Frank Egan and his gang of mobsters
  • Augie Gorman

Allies Edit

  • The Police
  • The Detective
  • Sandy Forrester
  • Dr. Green
  • George Forrester
  • The Intern

Targets Edit

  • Augie Gorman a mobster turned WITSEC informant and rat wanted for extortion
  • Sandy Forrester a kidnapped girl and best friend of Dan Briggs being held by Frank Egan

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