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Title The Legacy
Series Mission: Impossible
(First Series)
Season 1
Episode 15
Airdate January 7, 1967
Written by William Read Woodfield
Allan Balter
Directed by Michael O'Herlihy
Guests Martin Landau
Donald Harron
Lee Bergere
Bill Fletcher
Claude Woolman
Previous episode The Short Tail Spy
Next episode The Reluctant Dragon
Episode list Season 1

Four men gather in Zurich, each with a piece of a puzzle that will lead them to Hitler's fortune. Once they find it, they plan to use it to launch the Fourth Reich.



Guest StarringEdit


  • At the end when the IMF has a gunfight with the last two remaining members after one is killed-the other runs away-and is not pursed or killed by the IMF team-although the IMF team does find Hitler's fortune at the end! {This is unusuall since usually the bad guy is either killed or under arrest by the end of the episode!} In the The_Submarine the IMF team trick a former SS officer into revealing where stolen funds for a new Nazi movement are kept-but do not kill him once he reveals this information.
  • This epsiode was remade for the 1988 "Mission Impossible" series 1/5 November 27, 1988 with the only change being is that "sons" are changed to grandsons. Three other episodes of the orginal series "The Condemened" "The System" and "The Killer" were also remade for the 1988 series as well.

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