Title The Heir Apparent
Series Mission: Impossible
(First Series)
Season 3
Episode 1
Airdate September 29, 1968
Written by Robert E. Thompson
Directed by Alexander Singer
Guests Charles Aidman
Torin Thatcher
Rudy Solari
Previous episode Recovery
Next episode The Contender - PART 1
Episode list Season 3

A blind princess who disappeared as a child returns years later. But a military general (Envir Qaisette) planning a coup doesn't realize that it's really Cinnamon Carter in disguise.



Guest StarringEdit


The Plot has an unrealistic timeline to beleive in-as the real princess {If she had lived} was now an elderly woman-then Qaisette-who as a Major had killed her family years before would have been considerbly OLDER than the Princesss would have been in real life! ALso Willy is shown using a hammer and chisel to get through the wall--certainly a teckno wiz like Barney would have used a laser!

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