The Execution Season 3/episode # 5 10-10-1968


The IMF must stop a crime Boss racketeer Parma from gaining Control of Food distribution for the United States!

In order for the plan to Work the IMF must convince the hired hitman that he is 27 months in the future and that after being tried for murder he will be executed in a prison gas chamber-unless he tells the truth of all the contract hits he has committed for Parma. In order for the plan to work the Hitman must think he has succeeded in his latest "contract" which is none other than Jim Phelps and Cinniman Carter!

By using his own fear of death, the IMF "Convinces" the hitman to name all seven contract hits; the IMF set up Parma and his underling Ross to arrive just as Ducell is confessing; they try to shoot and kill him but fail...and are arrested by the IMF. With Ducell confesstion, Parma is out of business for good.


Guest IMF agent:

Dr. Harry Loomis.....Bryon Keith

Guest Villains:

Crime Boss Lewis Parma.....Vincent Gardenia

Underboss Al Ross..............Val Avery

Hitman Victor Ducell,...........Lew Askew


*This Episode was broadcast November 10, 1968; the future date of the "execution" is November 15, 1971-27 months the "hit" attempt took place March 1968.

*Vincent Gardenia was on "All in the Family" 10 times 1971-1973. In the 1973 season he semiguestarred eight times as "Frank Lorenao" a liberal neighbor whom bigot Archie Bunker can t stand. {In one semi Comic episode Archie Bunker makes a fool of himself when thinking he is a "pool shark" he tries to hustle Irene Lorenzo in a pool game-only to find she is a pool playing champ! Archie then tries to back out of the match by claiming Frank Lorenzo put a "curse" on him-until he gives himself away and has to go ahead with the match!}

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