Title Snowball in Hell
Series Mission: Impossible
(First Series)
Season 1
Episode 21
Airdate February 18, 1967
Written by Judith Barrows
Robert Guy Barrows
Directed by Lee H. Katzin
Guests Martin Landau
Ricardo Montalban
Warren Kemmerling
Emile Genest
Steven Marlo
Previous episode The Legend
Next episode The Confession
Episode list Season 1

The sadistic head of a penal colony (Gerard Sefra) has hidden a sample of cesium within the prison. It's of the utmost importance that it be found, as it's the key to a low-cost nuclear arsenal.  A suspenfulul episode which has an ending with Sefra in a tunnel reaching out to a machine which is heating up the cesium-and blows up destroying both the cesium and Sefra!



Guest VilliansEdit

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