Season 7 "The WesterN"  7/21 March 2, 1973


The IMF team must find stolen artwork


Van Cleve steals artwork from Azteca Museum and kills his partner Royce as well. The Stolen art is somehere in the US: the IMF uses "visions" to trick Cleve into retriving the hidden loot. This epsiode has a suprise twist ending!


Guest Villians:

  • Ed Nelson as Van Cleve
  • Barry Atwater as Royce
  • MIchael Ansara as Ed Stoner


  • Barry Atwater guest starred on "Star Trek" with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. He also starred as the vampire in "Night Stalker" movie with Darren McGavin
  • Recyled footage of the explosion from "The Bunker" 3/20 is used here

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