As with all episodes Mission Impossible had its share of Spoofs and Parodies:

  • In the "Get Smart" episode [1] "Impossible Mission", Maxwell Smart gets his orders from a tape recorder which destroys bus lockers but not itself! Likewise among Smart agent "rejects" are entertainer Tiny Tim and Alfred E. Newman of "Mad Magazine"!
  • In "Mad Magazine", there was a parody story called "Mission Ridiculous" in which Phelps and the IMF team pull off another Impossible mission-even though the tap recording blows up movie theater soda pop dispenser!
  • In "Cracked" Magazine Phelps receives a tap recording message telling him that he and his team are out of date and they are all fired!
  • In the classic Cartoon Series from 1970 "Josie and the Pussycats" episode "Never Mind a Mastermind" molasses brained Melody is mistaken for a spy and is given a pair of wooden shoes-which deliver a secret spy message and then self destruct!
  • In the later cartoon spoof "The X-s" Mr X receives a shoe phone message-which then self destructs! (A parody of both Mission Impossible and Get Smart)
  • In The Sandy Duncan Show/Funny Face -Sandy plays a actress having a bit part in a scene from Mission Impossible yet she always flubs up her lines and ruins the shot! Peter Graves guest stars as himself!