As with all epsiodes Mission Impossible had its share of Spoofs and PArodys:

In the "Get Smart" episode [1] "Impossible Mission" Maxwell Smart gets his orders from a tape recorder which destroys bus lockers but not itself! Likewise among Smart agent "regects" are entertainer Tiny Tim and Alfred E. Newman of "Mad Magazine"!

In "Mad Magazine" there was a parody story called "MIssion Ridiculous" in which Phelps and the IMF team pull off another Impossible mission-even though the tap recording blows up movie theather soda pop despenser!

In "Cracked" Magazine Phelps receives a tap recording message telling him that he and his team are out of date and they are all fired!

In the classic Cartoon Series from 1970 "Josie and the Pussycats" epsiode "Never Mind a Mastermind" molasses brained Melody is mistaken for a spy and is given a pair of wooden shoes-which deliver a secret spy message and then self distruct!

In the later cartoon spoof "The X-s" Mr X receives a shoe phone message-which then self distructs! {A parody of both Mission Impossible and Get Smart}

In The Sandy Duncan Show/Funny Face -Sandy plays a actress having a bit part in a scene from Mission Impossible yet she always flubs up her lines and ruins the shot! Peter Graves guest stars as himself!

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