Leonid Lisenker
Leonid Lisenker - Profile
Name: Leonid Lisenker
Status: Deceased
Birthplace: Russia
Date of death: 2011
Place of death: Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
Cause of death: Shot by Kurt Hendricks
Nationality: Russian
Spouse(s): Anna Lisenker
Children: Alex Lisenker
Played by: Ivan Shverdoff
First appearance: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocoll
Leonid Lisenker is a Russian character in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Biography Edit

Leonid Lisenker is married to Anna Lisenker he probably met in Russia. The couple gave birth to a child, Alex Lisenker.

Leonid is about to move with his family but Kurt Hendricks and Wistrom quietly arrive in their apartments and take Alex and Anna hostage.

Hendricks and Leonid go later to exchange codes with Sabine Moreau, with Hendricks disguised as Wistrom. Once the exchange is completed, Hendrick shoots Leonid. His body is soon after found by Brandt who tries to save him but fails.

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