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John Musgrave
Name: John Musgrave
Status: Deceased
Role: Henchman
Date of death: 2006
Place of death: Shanghai, China
Cause of death: Shot by Julia Meade
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: IMF, Owen Davian
Profession: IMF operative
Played by: Billy Crudup
First appearance: Mission: Impossible III
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible III

John Musgrave is a IMF operative and the hidden secondary antagonist of the 2006 film Mission: Impossible III.

History Edit

He was the agent who assigned Ethan Hunt to rescue Lindsey and brings Hunt out of his semi-retirement. It is revealed that he is actually working with Owen Davian and he framed Theodore Brassel so the other thought Theodore was the traitor. He reveals to Ethan Hunt that it is pointless to kill Owen Davian, because 10 more men like him would quickly take his place. Mastered by Hunt who steals his mobile phone, Musgrave makes a final appearance a few moments after the death of Davian by Hunt where he joins Julia and Hunt with a weapon and the Rabit's Foot. He is then shot several times by Julia and dies.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The character is portrayed in the screen by actor Billy Crudup.

Gallery Edit

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