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Jack Harmon
Jack Harmon - Profile
Name: Jack Harmon
Status: Deceased
Role: Ally
Date of birth: October 6, 1964
Birthplace: Massachusetts,
United States
Date of death: 1996
Place of death: Prague, Czesh Republic
Cause of death: Electrocuted
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Alias(es): Tony Baretta
Affiliation: Jim Phelps
Profession: Agent of the IMF
Rank: Agent
Played by: Emilio Estevez
First appearance: Mission: Impossible
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible
Jack Harmon (October 6, 1964 – 1996) was a member of Jim Phelps' IMF team in 1996.

Film biography Edit

Jack was in Prague and had hacked into an elevator system.

Later, Jim betrayed him as he controlled a spike above the elevator shaft and controlled Jack's lift so that he would get impaled by the spike.

Behind the Scenes Edit


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