Dr. Nekhorvich
Dr. Nekhorvich
Name: Vladimir Nekhorvich
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 2000
Cause of death: Neck broken by Sean Ambrose
Nationality: Russian
Affiliation: John C. McCloy
Dr. Sergei Gradski
Biocyte Pharmaceuticals
Profession: Scientist
Rank: Doctor
Played by: Rade Serbedzija
First appearance: Mission: Impossible II
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible II

Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich is a Russian scientist working for pharmaceutical firm Biocyte in Sydney, Australia.

Mission: Impossible IIEdit

In the video, Dr. Nekhorvich gives "Dmitri", which is an alias for an field agent of Impossible Mission ForceEthan Hunt when he saved the doctor's life, 20 hours to come to Sydney just as he flies to Atlanta, Georgia in order to go to the Center of Disease Control. It is later revealed that he infected himself with a deadly synthetic virus he created; designated "Chimera." In the middle of the flight, a former IMF agent, Sean Ambrose, who used a latex mask disguise himself as Ethan, killed the doctor and retrieve his bag. Then, Ambrose escapes to his designated landing point,"Checkpoint Charlie", with his right-hand man, Hugh Stamp, along with two of his operatives, Wallis and Ulrich, just as the plane crashed in the Rocky Mountains.

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