Brij Nath
Brij Nath
Name: Brij Nath
Status: Alive
Birthplace: India
Nationality: Indian
Played by: Anil Kapoor
First appearance: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Brij Nath (played by Anil Kapoor) was an Indian telecommunications entrepeneur with links to Russian terrorist Kurt Hendricks, who facilitated the sale of a defunct Soviet military satellite to the businessman, which was later used to launch a missile over San Francisco Bay in apparent retaliation for the Kremlin bombing in Russia. He was also known as a womanizer, as shown in his various attempts to seduce IMF Agent Jane Carter.

Ghost ProtocolEdit

After hearing news of Kurt Hendricks' plan to detonate a nuclear warhead over San Francisco, Ethan Hunt and his team attempt to stop his plans. Hendricks travels to Mumbai in order to gain control over Brij Nath's broadcasting satellite and fire the missile remotely from a Russian submarine. Hunt and his team arrive at Nath's party, whereupon Jane Carter attempts to lure him into an isolated area and force him to reveal the satellite's access code. Brij Nath attempts to impress Carter by showing his generous nature, but she shrugs him off. Meanwhile, William Brandt and Benji Dunn travel into the server room in order to find a means of deactivating the satellite. As Brij Nath escorts Carter into his private gallery of rare Indian paintings and artworks, she subdues him and forces him to tell her the satellite's code. After successfully extracting the required information from Nath, Carter injects him with a needle, putting him to sleep.

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