Billy Baird
Billy Baird
Name: William Baird
Status: Alive
Role: Ally
Nationality: Australian
Affiliation: Impossible Mission Force
Rank: Agent
Played by: John Polson
First appearance: Mission: Impossible II
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible II

William "Billy" Baird was a helicopter pilot and IMF agent part of Ethan Hunt's team in Mission: Impossible II.

Mission: Impossible II Edit

Ethan recruits Billy and Luther Stickell and send them to Australia to assist him in a mission to recover a genetic virus, Chimera, newly created by Ethan's friend, Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich, when he saved his life in the past and using his alias, Dmitri. He and Luther tracks Nyah Nordoff-Hall and they got a visual of her and a former IMF agent, Sean Ambrose, kissing through a reconnaissance satellite.

Then, Billy, Luther and Ethan head to the horse racing event where Nyah, Hugh Stamp and Ambrose are and Billy watches Ambrose meeting with CEO John C. McCloy through his reconnaissance binoculars. Ethan orders Billy to make sure that Nyah not being followed, as she is delivering the digital camera and its memory card containing the video images of Chimera infecting Dr. Sergei Gradski in a 20-hour period and died after 34 hours, until he has a short confrontation with Stamp. After that, Billy, Luther and Ethan depart the event.

Soon after, Billy assists Ethan in entering the rooftop of the head office belonging to an Australian company named Biocyte Pharmaceuticals. After Ethan gets out of the building, they meet somewhere as they plan to track Nyah and cure her with Bellerophon once Luther repairs the laptop that is used to track an individual by satellite through an untraceable GPS chip implanted earlier in one of her legs by Ethan.

Later, Ambrose meets McCloy in a heavily-guarded island storage facility near Australia. Billy and Luther wait for Ethan as he moves into the facility to obtain Bellerophon, as well as a living sample of the Chimera virus, and escapes to be picked up, but they are confronted by Ambrose's men. After Ethan and Luther eliminate most of Ambrose's operatives, Billy and Luther fly to the cliffs to pick up Nyah before she commits suicide and fly to Ethan's position where he tosses a sample of Bellerophon to Luther where he cures Nyah.


Billy Baird shares the similarities with Declan Gormley.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Billy Baird was portrayed by Australian actor John Polson.

American actor Steve Zahn was originally cast as Billy Baird[1].

References Edit


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