Billy Baird
Name: William Baird
Status: Alive
Role: Ally
Nationality: Australian
Affiliation: Impossible Mission Force
Rank: Agent
Played by: John Polson
First appearance: Mission: Impossible II
Last appearance: Mission: Impossible II
William "Billy" Baird was a helicopter pilot and IMF agent part of Ethan's team in Mission: Impossible II.

Mission: Impossible II Edit

Ethan calls Billy and Luther Stickell to Australia to assist him in the mission. He and Luther tracks Nyah and got a photo of her and the villainous Ambrose kissing.

Soon after, Billy assists Ethan in getting into Biocyte. After Ethan gets out they meet.

Later, Ambrose meets McCloy in a facility near Australia, Billy and Luther wait for Ethan as he moves in but later are confronted by several of Ambrose's men. What happened to him is unclear.

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